Robotic Welding on Track System with Custom Positioner

On this project, we have integrated an ABB IRB 4600 robot with a Fronius TPS 400i power supply, and powered the custom built Preston Eastin positioner and robotic track system with 4 ABB MU 400's. This system is equipped with an ABB BullsEye and an Abicor Binzel torch tending station.

Material Handling Robot Loading a Conveyor Line

Here we are using two Fanuc M-900's with R-30iB controllers to load panels to a paint conveyor line. As always, cycle-time was critical so we utilized Fanuc's iRVision 2D Vision Application with a robot-mounted camera to locate panels to minimize downtime due to variation in panel location. This system can accommodate over 500 different panel styles.

Welding & Material Handling Robots with CNC & Laser Marking Station

On this project, we have integrated an ABB IRB 1600ID robot with Fronius power supply, an ABB IRBP 300R positioner, and an ABB IRB 4600 20kg material handling robot. The IRB 4600 transfers the weldment to a Kitamura VMC, then to a Mecco Laser Marker, and finally to a collection station on the IRBP 300R. We have also added an ABB BullsEye and Binzel torch tending station for the IRB 1600ID.

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