United Robotics Teams Up With TipTig USA

United Robotics is proud to announce that we have partnered with TipTig USA to provide robotic automation integrations for TipTig products.

Unique to ABB, this revolutionary new, patent pending technology integrates user-friendly robotics with the TIP-TIG process, enhancing its higher travel speed, lower heat input and better quality welding advantages. Some of the welding and customer benefits for using TipTig include:

  • Highest deposition rates for any TIG process available on the market
  • Slag free; No interpass cleaning for increased arc on time and weld quality
  • Lowest possible Heat Affected Zone and significantly reduced distortion and weld stress
  • Up to four times increase in production
  • Signifcantly reduced weld defects which cost companies time and money
  • Flexible system configurations based on specific welding needs

For more information about TipTig USA, you can visit their website at TipTigUSA.com.