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Robotic Arc Welding   |   Fence Components
Robotic Arc Welding - Fence Components     Robotic Arc Welding - Fence Components

• Provide a flexible robotic welding cell to automate welding of fence panels, posts, and post-bases.
• Tooling for the posts and post-bases must accommodate four different sizes of posts with varying lengths and thickness.  Tooling for the fence panels must accommodate 23 different panel sizes.
• Welding on galvanized material creates cleanup and quality issues—develop a weld schedule to reduce spatter, increase quality and reliability and decrease associated post-weld cleanup costs.
• Reduce loss of production to high turnover rate of welders due to high plant temperatures during summer months.


• United Robotics provided a Yaskawa Motoman FabWorld cell, including:
    • A 3 kg payload robot with a 3121 mm reach and base riser.
    • A Fronius TransPuls Synergic 4000 CMT MV digital weld package.
    • A Fronius Robacta Drive CMT water-cooled torch package.
    • A Binzel reamer-style nozzle cleaning station with wire cutter and anti-spatter spray.
    • (2) Motoman headstock/tailstock positioners with 3,000 kg rated load and 1000 mm sweep radius.
    • (2) Motoman Operator stations with Thumbwheel and Joystick.
    • Cell protection package including safety fencing, light curtains, and a safety-interlocked gate.
• United Robotics provided a set of manual clamping fixtures with rotating stops for the posts and post-bases. A set of manual clamping, adjustable fixtures with rotating locators and linear rails was used to accommodate all 23 panel sizes.


• Robot system meets or exceeds all project goals. The high reduction in spatter has almost completely eliminated post-weld cleanup, and abrasive-usage.
• Improved weld quality, speed, and consistency has reduced cycle-time, rework, and scrap costs.
• Changeovers between part-families are quick and a new program can be selected in a matter of seconds via the thumbwheel on the operator station.
• System accommodates all models specified and was able to be adapted to run previously unspecified models.


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